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IPC has signed the Erasmus University Charter

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- Robin Galhac - /
- Bertand Doncieux -

Students are abroad semester 4 or 5 which best correspond to the Licence program in France. Students must follow 25-30 ECTS for each semester. They follow the programs of the host university with the number of ECTS necessary for each licence: an average of the best marks in the host university is calculated, each marks give rights to ECTS for each licence of IPC: Philosophy and Psychology. The number of hours of courses is calculated in order to respect the program of the IPC licence.

IPC has also established partnerships with:

Association Européenne des Facultés Libres


Institut Phoenix

IELTS (British Council)

IPC prepare as well for language certificates in relation with other authorized centers:

- Cambridge ESOLE Saint Germain (CFE,CAE,CPE)
- British Council (IELTS)
- Instituto Cervantes
- Goethe Institut (niveau B1 et B2)