Thibaud C.
Age 32, graduation class XVIII
Qualified Philosophy Teacher
Sector: Teaching

-  The contemporary world is fascinating. It is filled with promise but also with mirages and illusions. To live here, to work here, to love it, it seems to me necessary to have a vision of humanity that can grasp its full value.
What is the pursuit of wisdom, if it is not to live to the maximum hope that one can place in every person?

Olivier C.
Age 32, graduation class XX
Human Resources Manager
Sector: Nuclear fuel manufacturing

-  What did I take away from the IPC? Freedom of speech, active listening skills, an approach to people and their work that is both global and balanced, strong and well-argued moral certainties, an ability to put problems into perspective…
So many assets that I make use of today to make decisions concerning people and their future or to advise business managers.

Karine G.
Age 33, graduation class XX
Social worker
Sector: Local communities

-  Learning about logic and rhetoric has enabled me to feel comfortable formulating social problematics. As a social worker, it is not just a question of understanding the difficulties of adapting to new economic and social realities. My task consists of redynamizing the person, by going beyond the mere acknowledgement of the existing difficulties to get a better idea of their potential and inner resources. It is then a truly Aristotelian process.

Bruno M.
Age 49, graduation class VI
Sector: Regional daily press

-  The IPC taught me to look for what lies at the heart of others’ thinking. Writing an article is above all about understanding that thinking and translating it into words simple enough to be read by the widest audience…
The journalist must remain free… This freedom of mind is in my opinion one of the major assets of realist philosophy.
And thus of the IPC.