IPC students take the IELTS beginning in the third year (Commentatorat). This examination takes place on the premises of FACO, a preparation centre for this international diploma. This diploma is increasingly indispensable for pursuing university studies abroad, and for entering the global market for employment, research and teaching. In recent years, the students of the IPC - FACO have obtained the best results in France, with an average score and a level of mastery of the English language that has enabled them to attend prestigious British and American universities (Georgetown, King’s College London, Leicester, Brunel, Edinburgh, Trinity College).

Official website: http://www.britishcouncil.org

The figures represent the average “band”, the level awarded by the jury. For example:
- Band 9 = completely bilingual level
- Band 6-6.5 = sufficient level for pursuing postgraduate studies in English
- Orange: Females - Green: Males