Following the degree in psychology, students can:

Complete a Master 1 and take a university post-graduate degree course in psychology up to Master 2 to become a qualified psychologist. Please note, the selection is often made between Master 1 and Master 2 (first and second year of the masters): a good undergraduate degree record is necessary as well as a sustained work rate.

For qualified “Psychologists”, there are numerous psychology professions in business, in the field of education, freelance, in hospitals, etc.

Choose a professionalized Second Cycle (Final Honours courses) :

generally with admission dependent on undergraduate degree record:
- Master of Sciences and Techniques, Professional Degree
- Intensive one-year programme at a University Technology Institute (tertiary sector)
- Degree in education sciences
- Complementary training in communication, human resources

or admission by competitive examination to:
- School of Practicing Psychologists
- Professional specializations at schools in the education and social sector
- Administrative entrance examinations
- Specialized educator certification
- Preparation for competitive examinations to become a school teacher: the Degree in Psychology allows you to take the competitive examination to qualify as a school teacher (with the possibility after three years of professional experience of entering training of school psychologists for state education).
- Psychological Guidance Counsellor certification, etc.