The IPC awards State Qualifications (Degrees) through the intermediary of a Jury Rectoral (Local Education Authority Board). The State examinations are taken following lectures given at the IPC which include topics of general culture and preparation for professional life. Rigorous monitoring of studies is organized with frequent examination practice (oral examinations and written essay examinations in particular). The timetable load is about 30% greater than other Faculties. The workload required is therefore that of an École.

By decision of the Rector of the Academy of Paris, the members of the JURY RECTORAL (LOCAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY BOARD) are:
- Michel Bastit, Professor at the University of Dijon,
- Dominique Doucet, Senior Lecturer at the University of Nantes,
- Jean-François Vezin, Senior Lecturer at the University of Paris VIII,
- Michel Boyancé and Bénédicte Mathonat, Professors at IPC.