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Career Prospects

The solid training offered by the IPC opens up many opportunities, particularly in specialized Masters or in grandes écoles (Commerce, Human Resources, Journalism, Publishing, etc.).

The scope and pace of work at the IPC (superior to traditional faculties) make it possible in two or three years (undergraduate degree) to acquire competences comparable to those obtained in preparatory classes for the Grandes Écoles (arts and business).

Present-day society needs people who can reflect, ask the real questions, take matters into consideration – people with rigorous intellects, good debating skills, sound working methods, freedom of expression, the ability to adapt to different contexts and situations.

Over half the professions of the future will be professions that demand a good general culture, and synthesis skills to establish links between all the activities that make up the life of a country and its institutions.

For this reason, the openings offered to the Faculty’s students are highly varied and can be divided into three main sectors, each representing about a third of the career openings. At our open house, former students come to talk about their professions and their career paths.

  • 27% Communication, Journalism
  • 35% HR, Management, Business, Marketing
  • 38% Teaching, Education

Management, Human Resources, Business, etc

After an undergraduate degree or the Master 1 (First Year of a master’s), students can obtain entry to a Second Cycle, Third Cycle (Master 2) or École (Business School, Political Studies Institute, CELSA, etc.). For example, in recent years students have entered public education institutes such as CELSA (Paris IV), IAE (Paris I), Master 2 at Paris I or Paris Dauphine, or private education institutes (EDHEC, Sup de Co Rouen, , Sup de Co Reims, , Sup de Co Bordeaux, IGS, ISG, etc).

In general, “parallel admissions” to business schools after two years of university, a degree or a Master 1, are becoming more frequent. Read the related information below.

Communication and Journalism

Through complementary training (see above and for example IRCOM, CELSA, etc), the professions of journalism and communication offer our students regular openings.

Teaching and Education

Intensive preparation for state examinations (degree, master’s) and competitive state examinations to qualify as a teacher (CAFEP, CAPES, Agrégation).

Many former students who have taken this path have also taken up positions of responsibility in teaching and education (studies management board, institutional management board, etc.).