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Area of research : Metaphysics, Philosophy of nature and scientific practices

In focusing on metaphysical questions, on what science has borrowed from philosophy, and, inversely, on what philosophy has borrowed from science, the aim of this research team is to evaluate the uses of Aristotle and the Aristotelian tradition in contemporary philosophy.

The team will seek, in particular, to demonstrate the existence and pertinence of natural philosophy as a disciplinary field, distinct from the philosophy of science and metaphysical inquiry but useful to both.


Stéphane Agullo, Professor/researcher, Philosophy (IPC)
Michel Bastit, University Professor (University of Dijon)
Emmanuel Brochier, Senior lecturer, Professor/researcher, Philosophy (IPC)
Bruno Couillaud, Professor/researcher, Philosophy (IPC)
Henri Mongis, Professor/researcher, Philosophy (IPC)
Bénédicte Mathonat, Professor/researcher, Philosophy (IPC)
Michel Siggen, Professor/researcher, Philosophy (IPC)

Associate members

Jean-Eric Campagne, Research Director (LAL-CNRS/IN2P3-Université Paris Saclay)
Sylvie Dagoret-Campagne, Research Director (LAL-CNRS/IN2P3-Université Paris Saclay)

PhD Students

Guillemette de Chefdebien, PhD student, Philosophy (ICP)
Robin Galhac, PhD student, Philosophy (UCLy)
Florian Laguens, PhD student, Philosophy (Paris I)
François Nollé, PhD student, Philosophy (University of Genève)
François-Marie Portes, PhD student, Philosophy (Paris IV)

Area of research (2017-2019)

The activity of the research team will principally be composed of two annual seminars (each of one semester), one with Henri Mongis on metaphysics (to question the phenomenological perspective) and the other with Emmanuel Brochier on the philosophy of science (to question the analytical perspective), as well as a study day or symposium (giving rise to a publication) each semester.