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Joint Degre Philosophy Licence and Political Science

This joint degree philosophy and political science is a demanding training program, which requires a lot of organization and working ability.

This joint degree Philosophy and political Science in partenership with ICES (Institut catholique de Vendée) offers students a strong general culture in order to allow them to approach political contemporary world and their political and philosophical aspects.

Political science lessons are issued by ICES but students are participating from IPC, via  videoconference. Phhilosophy’s lessons are given at IPC, by IPC teachers. Students  enrolled at IPC are only in one place, in Paris.

A la sortie, les étudiants ayant suivi ce double cursus obtiendront deux licences : la licence de philosophie de l’IPC et la licence de science politique de l’ICES. C’est l’équivalent d’une double licence en philosophie et science politique.

After leaving IPC, students who have followed both degrees will obtain 2 degrees : Ipc’s Licence in Philosophy and ICES’s Licence in political science, corresponding to a dual Licence (degree).

Relevant fields :
This  joint course philosphy-political degree enables to adress the full range of philosophy and political sciences :

– Philosophy : argumentation and public speaking ; sciences and techniques; nature and anthropology ; ethics and society ; history of philosophy ; truth and religion.

– Political science :  international relations, geopolicy, economy, political sociology, diplomacy, history of political ideas

Methodes :
– Philosophy: the method is specific to each discipline, but in general, it enables the formulation of problems, the search for solutions and the delivery of relevant contributions

– Political Science: control of the methodology specific to political science and communication techniques

Number of hours :

– 872 hours in  Licence 1 (S1 : 442 h et S2 : 430 h)
– 613 hours in Licence 2 (S3 : 467 h et S4 :  146 hours of distance learning philosophy + 30 ECTS to be validated abroad)
– 794 hours in Licence 3 (S5 : 409 h et S6 : 385 h)

180 Credits ECTS for each year of  licence

1 internships of a minimum of 3 weeks at the end of 1st  year of the licence.

We recommend doing the internship in relation with the field chosen for the Master.

Students are helped in their internship’s research, are accompanied during all the internship and have to produce a written report.

Semester abroad

The S4 (2nd semester of Licence 2) is done abroad in one of the partner universities of ICES or IPC. There, the student must validate 30 ECTS.

The philosophy courses continue by distance during this semester (between 25 and 30 hours of courses per month).


English courses are in relation with the student’s level.

Psychology lessons in english are possible in order do be able to read and publish research articles.
It’s even possible to follow philosophy courses in english.

Within a partnership with  Rennes School of Business, a preparation to TOEIC is proposed to students willing to integrate a business school  inside High School program.

It’s even possible to participate with « prépa » students to summer schools organized by Rennes School of Business (one week intensive courses in english).

LV2 – German or Sanish

LV3  Optional

At the end of this training, it is possible to continue one’s studies in IEP or to prepare for the administrative competitions.

–  Philosophy: international trade, human resources, communication, Journalism, business consulting, management, teaching and research, management of educational institutions…
Political Science : international relations, diplomacy, state civil service, local civil service, work in elected officials’ offices, research institutes, polling firms, in Parliament, journalism, teaching and research, military careers…

The cost of the double licence Philosophy-Political science at IPC is 7010 €/year* 

In addition to government grants, internal grants are possible (thanks to donors) in order to help the financing of the formation. Contact us….

* 6.000€ + 1.010 additional expenses (420 € for the start session).
P.S : IPC receives help from the government , 12 % of his total budget. Scholarships are the main incomes.

For the double licence Philosophy and Political Science,  IPC  offers 10 places,  after examining the application and interview.

To apply, (1) log on website « Parcoursup » and apply for our philosophy Licence.

Then, (2) fill in the form below to inform us of your application to the double curriculum  in philosophy and political science..

For more information, please contact us.

En partenariat avec l'ICES, Institut catholique de Vendée

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