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IPC – Denominational Faculties of Philosophy and Psychology. Private Secular Establishment of Higher Education. Non-profit institution founded in 1969. State diplomas in initial training awarded by a Jury Rectoral (Local Education Authority Board) of the Academy of Paris. Continuing education accreditation: 1173438175.

It is a denominational Faculty, a secular higher education establishment founded as a non-profit association. It operates under an agreement with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and comes under the authority of the Rector of the Academy of Paris for State diplomas.

A little history

Ancien logo IPC1969 : Creation on the initiative of parents of pupils in denominational education and teachers, the IPC (Institut de Philosophie Comparée) aims through an original philosophy-based process to train tomorrow’s managers in the fields of Education, Teaching, Human Resources, Communication, Journalism, Marketing, etc.

1971 : the IPC became a faculty, taking the name Faculté Libre de Philosophie Comparée (FLPC), and signed an agreement with the University of Paris IV – Sorbonne.

Since 2001 : the IPC, backed by its 33 years of experience, has been preparing students for the State Degree in Philosophy (with European credits), through the intermediary of a Jury Rectoral (local education authority board).

October 2002 : the IPC launched the program leading to the State Degree in Psychology and since then has been called: IPC. Facultés Libres de Philosophie et de Psychologie. Principal activities.

October 2010 : IPC sign a contract with the State, renewed in septembre 2013 according the natioanl calendar of five- year renewal.

November 2015 : IPC, in accordance with the law, july 22, 2013 is recognised as EESPIG (Higher Education Institution of General Interest) by the Ministery of Higher Education and Research (ministerial order 10/11/2015).

At the university level the IPC publishes works on philosophy. See: “Research activities and publications”.

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