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The admission procedure is the same for both licence curriculums at IPC.

  • IPC is part of Parcoursup (former APB)
  • Both licence curriculum (Philosophy and psychology) are with selective entry.

Conditions for admission


Concerning French graduates with baccalaureate 2018 or before and Europeans students

Between January 22 and Mars 13

Enter and confirm on Parcoursup (former APB) the Philosophy or Psychology Licence desired.

Study of the application documents

After approval of your wishes for IPC on  Parcoursup (former APB) and study of your entire application documents you may be invited for an interview with the dean of IPC.

NB : Incomplete and not approved on Parcoursup are not taken into consideration

From may 22 : admission period on Parcoursup (former APB)

As soon as your received the proposal made by Parcoursup Parcoursup (former APB) for IPC, you must send an email to IPC in order to confirm your choice.

After receiving your confirmation, you will receive by e-mail the procedure to be followed for your final inscription : IPC will send you the administrative procédures :

  • Enrolment form ;
  • Tuition fees form ;
  • • Registration form to obligatory pre-semester summer session (a non-participation to the session could put into question your enrolment) ;
  • • The possible request for a transfer and/or equivalence.

Your enrolment will be taken into account upon receipt of all supporting documents

After the effective inscription, each student benefits:

  • • State scholarship : ;
  • Student card and enrolment certificate ;
  • Student social insurance from September 1st 2018 to august 31 2019 ;
  • Complementary student insurance policies ;
  • Transport discounts on RATP/SNCF (Imagin’R card).

For more information

University curricula

In order to know the IPC licence curricula, log on philosophy or psychology licence web pages.


In order to know our opportunities and careers corresponding to your training, visit the web page: Opportunities in Philosophy or Psychology .

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