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Tuition Fees

In France, at present, the State gives very little aid to denominational faculties (20% of the budget) and the IPC cannot receive apprenticeship taxes. We survive therefore thanks to the tuition fees paid by families and to donations.

Excluding fringe expenses, cost of enrolment for student social security and the pre-semester session, student tuition fees for the year 2018-2019 come to €5.250.

This amount finances

In the event of any financial problem (we do not wish to select on the basis of finances), it is essential that you talk to the Dean of the IPC. Internal scholarships are available.

Payments on enrolment

  • Tuition down payment: 1050 € (deducted from the amount of 5.250€)
  • Obligatory pre-semester summer session (from august 26 to 31 2018) fee: €400
  • Fringe expenses: €210

  • Enrolment and registration for State examinations: €125
  • Students Association Subscription: €30
  • Obligatory Photocopying: €55

TOTAL : €1.660 €

After October 15, cancellation of enrolment is no longer possible; any academic year begun must be paid for in full.

Enrolment is final

On receipt of:

  • The above payments
  • The tuition fee certificate, the enrolment contract
  • The certificate of enrolment in the pre-semester session.

State Scholarships

Student of IPC are eligible to receive state scholarships through the intermediary of CROUS, Paris.

Student social security

Only for students who are eligible for it. The formalities relating to the payment of the contribution (€195 for 2008-2009) to student social security and the complementary medical insurance will be made through the intermediary of the Faculty at the start of the academic year, as requested by the bodies concerned (SMEREP and LMDE).