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Students Bureau (BDE)

Students Bureau is a French association of students under the law 1901, managing the day to day life of the IPC students and organize activities out of lessons. Among them reception of new students, cultural outings , student parties, theatre, a choir, working groups and spiritual and sporting activities.

The purpose of this bureau is to take active part in the student life and offer to each student a corresponding activity. As Aristotle said « Pleasure at work set perfection at work ». BDE is waiting for you ans all various activities in order to create conditions of common good inside IPC.


President : Sarah M.
Vice-president : Brice de B.
Treasurer: Charles D.

President : Athanase F.
Vice-president : Thomas D.
Secretary general : Geoffroy H.
Treasurer : Ysende de la R.
President 1st year Philosophy : Simon E.
President 1st year Psychology : Anne-Claire L.
President 2nd year Philosophy : Héloïse D.
President 2nd year Psychology : Prudence J.
President 3rd year Philosophy : Lucile C.
President 3rd year Psychology : Aude R.
Président 4th year Philosophy : Sarah D.-M.

Units of the students bureau

  • Communication : Marine P. et Alice D.
  • Cleaning : Angélique C. et Agathe de C.
  • Breakfast : Constance A.
  • Well-being: Recreation : Sybille C.
  • Welfare : Guillemette de C. et Jeanne de L.
  • Culture : Martin T.
  • Spiritual : Guilhem W.
  • Sport : Théophile G.
  • Afterwork : Etienne S.Integration : Prudence J., Héloïse D. et Wandrille S.
  • Schools Newspaper : Foucauld P.
  • Choir : Louis-Marie A.
  • Gregorian chant : Thomas D.
  • Musical culture : Geoffroy H. et Céline A.
  • Movies : Thibault V.
  • Photographs : Zdenek M.
  • Révolte-toi IPC : Thomas H. et Brice de B.
  • Pol’yvalent : Mahaut R.
  • Pol’art : Hubert du C.
  • Pôle Opus : Jehanne D.
  • Evening performance : Pierre-Louis S.