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Main Areas

Philosophy and Theory of Education

  • The family as an agent of socialization and role of the parents in teaching-learning process
  • The habit-forming in family; principles and values embodied in education
  • Concept of education. An education for the 21st century
  • School climate, key to a quality education
  • The teacher: competencies and skills
  • The teaching-learning process
  • Learning process as basis for the learning development
  • The importance of the word in education
  • Inclusive school
  • The teacher as an integrating agent
  • Teacher’s professional ethics
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Literature and Literacy in Education

  • Grammar, reading and literature teaching
  • Relationship between the proper use of the language and training of the learners
  • Principles of literature teaching and examples of application in different school levels and in the University
  • Literature as source and channel of the knowledge of personal life
  • Mimesis of the person in the literary work
  • The literary canon
  • Figure of the teacher in literary education
  • The good and the beauty in literary work

Psychology in Education

  • Psychoeducational evaluation
  • Psychological intervention
  • Cognitive, social, and emotional development
  • Learning difficulties
  • Academic failure
  • Learning disabilities and special educational needs
  • Intellectual exceptionality
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • School integration

Narrative and Biographical Method in Education

  • Narration and self-narration. New perspective in education
  • Education to dialogue
  • Biographic method in education and re-socialization
  • Narrative as a way of understanding the world
  • Life as a story
  • Narrative in the new media
  • Narratology and the music and art
  • Pop-narratives

Other Important Announcements


The 1st Newsletter VIth International Congress Word in Education


Publication Guidelines

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Past Editions of the Congress

  • IVth International Congress “Word in Education. Moral Upbringing through Arts and Literature”

Jesuit University Ignatianum, Krakow 27-28 October 2016

Click here to check the website of the 2016 Congress.

  • Vth International Congress “Word in Education. Central Role of Narration in the Educational Context

Click here to check the website of the 2017 Congress.